Who are we?

On the Pegs is an independently-owned and operated publication focused on showcasing all aspects of off-road motorcycling – from new bikes and products, to interviews and race reports, and everything in between.  We focus on happenings and news from around the world, and right next door, in the world of mototrials, enduro, and cross country.  The monthly magazine is offered completely free-of-charge to read and download for offline enjoyment.


Our History

On the Pegs began life in the 1960’s as a national mototrials newspaper under the name Plonker’s Press with Jeanie Flippin as Editor.  Throughout the next 30 years, the publication would undergo several changes, both in name and ownership.

In the 1980’s, ownership would pass to Curt Comer, under the name Trials Competition.

In the 1990’s, it would again change hands to the Patrick family, then to Shan Moore who created an online presence for the newspaper-turned-magazine now referred to as Trials & Enduro News.  In 2014, the publication was renamed yet again to On the Pegs, and could only be found online.

In 2021, ownership transferred from Shan Moore to the current Editor, Steph Vetterly.

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Steph Vetterly at Laguna Seca 2022

Our Editor

Steph Vetterly started life in the motorcycling world in 2015 when her boyfriend, Eric, picked up mototrials and joined the Trials Incorporated club.  Throughout the next 3 years, she would transition from spectator to photographer, working to capture the excitement of the sport.  After meeting Shan Moore at the AMA NATC National Mototrials round in Rhode Island in 2017, Shan took a liking to her, working to help improve her skills behind the lens.

She expanded her interests from mototrials to enduros, GNCCs, and vintage races, and when Shan was ready to pass along the publication, she stepped up to the helm.